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We provide new system installations for all of the products we offer. Whether it's a small site that needs a key system and just a few extensions or a large site with hundreds of extensions we can provide you with everything you need to get up and running. We've spent years working with businesses of all sizes providing systems as small as a few extensions to large multi-site installations that span the country!

Expedited services are also available when you're in a hurry. Our massive inventory allows us to get systems together on short notice. No more waiting around for other companies that need to order the parts needed to complete a job. We already have them in stock and ready to install.


Recycle your old equipment using our unique redeployment service. Use this service when you are moving from one location to another, closing down a location or consolidating multiple locations. Take the hassle out of uninstalling and reinstalling your valuable equipment. We will remove your equipment from one or more locations retranslate it and reinstall it where it is needed. Have you recently closed down a location with a newer system than you have at your present location? Have us redeploy the system to take full advantage of the newer hardware and features.

For a quote, please email sales@highreliabilitysystems.com with details including how many extensions you'd like to have, what type of phones you'd prefer to use, what features you're looking for and what facilities you plan to utilize (Analog CO, Digital T1 etc) or call us directly at 262-243-3200.