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Conversions / Migrations

Have your business needs changed since your phone system was first installed? Odds are, they have. Let us retranslate your Definity PBX to meet your current business needs for far less cost than replacing the system. Revamp your system and start taking advantage of all the features it has to offer. The process we use allows us to reprogram your system with little to no downtime. We make use of our in house Definity lab to make all the programming changes so the end users won't notice anything until after the job has been completed.

We provide media conversions for System 75, G1, G3 and G3R tape systems to allow them to use highly dependable flash card memory or magneto-optical disks to store translations, announcements and system information. This process can be done with very little downtime and is usually done before or after hours by one of our skilled technicians. Don't let those other companies try to convince you that your system is out of date, unusable or unsupported. We service and support all of the products and solutions that we sell nationwide!

Did you know that many telephone and voicemail systems have many features that you purchased that you are probably not currently using? Let us help you determine what your system really can do for your business and help to make the most of what you invested in. We can help you configure many of these useful features including fax, email, text-to-speech, PRI service and much more.

For more information contact sales@highreliabilitysystems.com or call us directly at 262-243-3200.