High Reliability Systems AT&T Lucent Avaya

Success stories

High Reliability Systems is one of the few independent dealers in the midwest that has it's own in-house Definity test lab where we can stage, setup and test a customer’s communication systems or additions IN ADVANCE of the installation. This has provided us with many success stories to share with you such as these:

Thanks for your help with our Aston and Shelby locations. Your knowledge of the telephone systems made for a smooth cut-over at both locations. Key benefits that you provide are:

- Pre-testing of like equipment at your location before shipping the equipment to the location

- Ability to get past the Avaya maintenance permission requirements on the System 75 at Aston and stepping up with less than 1 week before our scheduled cut date

- Competitive pricing

The Aston and Shelby projects are typical of the projects that our group handles. We also help with upgrades of systems and installing new systems at our locations..

I am recommending other team members contact you for help with their projects.

Smurfit Stone Container
St. Louis, MO

Comfort Inn & Suites
Jackson, WI

Site had been down for a 2 days due to lightning strike. Other vendors had been onsite and unable to solve the problem. We sent one of our engineers onsite who found the problem immediately. Our engineer replaced the defective parts and then had a technician dial in from our lab to review the alarm log for any problems. Cleared all additional faults on the system, leaving the customer back up and running, ready to resume normal business operations. Just another example of HRS doing the job right, the first time. Why wait around for days for other vendors to order parts or to find someone who can figure out problems when your system could be back up TODAY.

B.C. Ziegler
West Bend, WI

PBX was unable to make or receive any public network calls. T1 circuit was down for hours before we were called. We determined the problem immediately, and replaced the damaged components with parts that we keep stocked on our work vans. We deal with problems like this regularly. Our huge stock of circuit packs keeps us prepared to handle any situation without having to wait around for ordered parts to arrive. Call us when your system goes down and we will have it up quickly!

Large Animal Health Organization
Greensboro, NC

Received a call from a 3rd party maintenance provider regarding an Intuity MAP/40 voicemail system that would not come back into service after a scheduled upgrade. The technician could not make the system work again. We arranged for the system to be shipped to our lab to correct the problem. We determined the problem to be with defective refurbished hardware parts that were supplied by another vendor. This created corruption of the software that was being loaded during the upgrade. The system was repaired on a Saturday afternoon and shipped backed out for an early Monday morning installation. Unlike some vendors, all of our refurbished parts are thoroughly tested in our Lab before sending out to a customer. Just another reason why High Reliability Systems should be the first vendor you call when your AT&T/Lucent/Avaya Telephone or Voicemail System is down. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend we will get you back up and running faster than anyone else. Experience matters, and we specialize in troubleshooting AUDIX Voicemail Systems.

Large Worldwide News Agency
El Segundo, CA

Definity AUDIX 3.2 Voicemail System had been down for a week after an unexpected power failure that occurred over the weekend. Two other vendors had already been onsite attempting to troubleshoot the system with no success. They tried replacing many components but could not return the AUDIX to a working condition. We worked with the customer, dialed in to both the Definity and the AUDIX and determined the cause of the problem. We promptly sent out the replacement parts from our huge inventory of pre-tested AUDIX parts (the largest Intuity / Definity AUDIX inventory in the Midwest with more than 100 pre-tested and configured units ready to ship) onsite to be installed by our Technician. Our Technician arrived and with the guidance of our AUDIX Engineer the customer’s voicemail became functional again. The bottom line is: 24 hours after we were called Voicemail was restored to the customer. Can your company afford to have Voicemail down for week? Why not call High Reliability Systems first. Most Definity / Intuity AUDIX outages are repaired in 1 to 2 days! We will work directly with you or if you are a UAC customer, call UAC and ask that High Reliability Systems be your “Preferred Provider” . We offer direct billing to UAC for all covered items.