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Wiring / Cabling

High Reliability Systems is a Link Certified installer of ICC brand structured cabling products. This allows us to warranty the ICC products we install for up to 30 years. Please click here for more information regarding the warranty.

Whether you're looking to install a single additional cable run to your existing network or several hundred copper locations with a fiber optic backbone, we are ready for the task! Our services include design, cabling and connectivity for all voice and data applications - both copper and fiber - complete from the wall jack to the patch panel in the equipment room.

Did you know that 95% of extended T1 demarcs are installed using incorrect materials? This can lead to intermittent problems and a lot of headaches. We specialize in extending T1 demarcs to fit your needs using the right materials for the job.

We provide full service commercial cable installations using high quality products to ensure the job is done right. We install and certify Cat3, Cat5 and Cat6 wiring as well as coax and wiring needed by paging systems. We terminate and test all wiring we install to ensure quality.

For more information contact sales@highreliabilitysystems.com or call us directly at 262-243-3200.